Nuestra filosofía - Arroyo La Jara

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The stressful rhythm that surrounds the cities makes us disconnect from the most important things: our loved ones and ourselves.

In our case, we have always preferred to live in places in contact with nature, and after many years searching for the perfect destination, we found Arroyo la Jara. A love story at first sight.

When we discovered it we knew that this was our destination. And we confirmed it when we realised that it combines the three fundamental pillars that we are always looking for: a perfect environment, the intimacy that is breathed in each of the houses and the comfort and cosiness that surrounds them.

This is how this project came about. With all our desire and determination to live a different lifestyle in contact with the purest nature and through conscious cultivation. And all of this with a didactic purpose, because the germ of it all lies in being able to teach these values to our daughter. Because although we cannot distance her from the reality that surrounds us, we want her to be able to integrate into a conscious life, to know herself and to be able to perceive nature, to know what it means to grow food.

We have worked hard - and continue to do so - to open the doors of Arroyo la Jara to you, and we want this to be your place when you think you have disconnected from yourself. We offer you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones through a corner of nature that we promise you will never forget.

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Our houses

Casa El Puente

Sheltered by centuries-old holm oaks

Casa La Huerta

Situated in the middle of a holm oak forest

Casa El Olivo

Overlooking the Cabeza Gorda hill

Casa La Fuente

Our house with more than 200 years of history

Casa Los Naranjos

Built on the edge of a stream

Casa La Alberca

With panoramic views of the Escalada pine forest.